BTS Suga called out music labels for treating artists as “products”

BTS is the world music sensation now. Their fan base is called “BTS Army” and people who enjoy their music are joining the army day by day.

The K-pop idol group consisting of 7 members including 3 rappers. Suga in another name Min yoongi is well famous for his fast rapping skill and charming appearance.

Recently he had an interview with Korean magazine “Weverse” and pointed out some music labels who treat South Korean artists as “products”.

He said these while he is sharing his thoughts about the music industry in South Korea. He admires his agency for listening to the artists’ opinions and mentioned some music labels asking singers to perform tasks without giving them any proper explanation or briefing.

He further said that the artists and his agency should know what kinds of activities would be best commercially for the development but the question is whether one’s body can endure it or not. So he pointed to music label oughts to “actively accommodate the artists” opinions about what they can and cannot do in their creativity level.

Suga also mentioned the music labels attitude which “Oh, we made you kids, and as long as you just do what we tell you to, it will all work out, so just do it” isn’t doing any good to the industry.

Not only that he said that it is “very contradictory” to ask the artists on stage to put on an “enjoyable performance’ when they are not experiencing any fun or enjoyment in their real lives and pointed out that music labels should give their attention to the mental and physical well being of the artists.

He said that even some time music labels had to be pushy about things but asking the artist to perform without any explanation and nagging asking, “Why are you talking so much?” are the biggest issues that are destroying the industry.

He also questioned if the music labels see the artist as products how could they become creative. Not only that he said that becoming an artist isn’t an easy task.