15 year old girl abuse case – A lot of information has been revealed about the main suspect

The main suspect in the selling   a 15-year-old girl online is involved in drug trafficking as well as money laundering, the Children and Women’s Bureau informed the Colombo Magistrate’s Court today (29).

The officers of the Children and Women’s Bureau further stated that the main suspect in the case had earned money by stripping the underage girl involved in the incident, filming her various scenes, releasing them on the internet and selling them to various people.

 After considering the facts presented, the Magistrate stated in open court that the court did not consider the victim girl as a prostitute.

The complaint was taken before Colombo Additional Magistrate Lochani Abeywickrema today.

Accordingly, the Bureau informed the court that the CID is conducting separate investigations into the drug trafficking and the money laundering by the main suspect.