Indian hospital waste dumped in to the Jaffna coast

Fishermen and residents in Jaffna have reported that a large amount of hospital waste has been dumped on several beaches in Jaffna over the past few weeks.

Residents say that the past few days number of hospital waste dumped ashore the coast of Jaffna punkudativ kurikadduvan Jaffna nayinativ Sea coast and seductive.

According to the locals Hospitals discarded syringes, saline bottles, blood from medical equipment, drugs and other detention waste accumulated.

Residents of the area suspect that the hospital waste is not from hospitals in the Jaffna district and that the waste dumped in hospitals in India may have been dumped into the North Sea due to the dumping of waste into the sea.

Meanwhile, the people of the area have taken steps to inform the officers of the Jaffna Fisheries Inspectorate and the health officials regarding the incident.