Jaffna is like Chicago now; Armed groups are freely acting – Eight people were injured and limbs cut off

Eight persons were seriously injured in an attack by a group of armed men in the Kondavil area in the Kopay Police Division in Jaffna last night (30).

They had destroyed several other properties and fled away, Kopay Police said.

It is reported that this inhuman attack has been carried out by a group of motorcyclists with sharp weapons, including bullocks and swords, covered their faces at a crowd near a studio in Kendallville.

It has been revealed to the police that a three-wheeler and a car had been severely damaged and the studio had been set on fire and the people in front of the studio had been severely injured by a group of armed men and some of their hands had been amputated.

A hospital spokesman said that residents of the area were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital with serious cuts and bruises.