New gazette notification from the President regarding the continuation of essential services

A new gazette notification has been issued regarding the continuation of essential services during the travel restrictions period.

The gazette notification includes 10 classifications of basic goods and services.

The supply and distribution of all fuels including ports, petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas, implementation of all services required or required under the Customs Ordinance, operation of all transport services carried out by the Department of Railways as well as the Transport Board for the transportation of goods.

Accordingly, maintenance and security as well as operations, which are essential to maintain those public services by the service requirements, should be carried out.

In addition, all district secretariats, administrative units and all state banks, including the Central Bank, and insurance services are covered by the gazette notification.

Institutions to provide food, beverages and other consumer goods to cooperatives, Sathosa etc. have also been published in the gazette notification.