Prices of all bakery products except bread will be increased, Prima Company has also increased the price of wheat flour

The All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association says that the prices of all bakery products except bread will be increased.

Its chairman, N.K. Mr. Jayawardena said that the bakery owners had increased the price

In addition, the prices of flours and other ingredients used for bakery products have also been increased, he added.

Accordingly, the price of fish bread, buns and other bakery products has increased by between Rs. 5 and 10.

Meanwhile, Prima company has informed wheat flour agents that it has increased the price of a kilo of milk brand milk powder by Rs. 3.50 (June 15) from today.

Prima sold a 50 kg bag of Milk brand flour for Rs. 4,000. Prima wheat flour and with the new price increase, 50 kilos of flour will increase to Rs. 4175.

Prima Wheat Flour Company recently increased the price of bread flour by Rs. 4 per kilo.