Monk protested in the middle of the road

A monk named Matale Sasanaratana who resides in a temple in the Dimbulagala area
was protesting in the middle of the A-9 road near the economic centre in Dambulla.

The monks sat in the middle of the road and shouted for the country to open. Even the Attempts of the Dambulla Police OIC
to remove the monk from the road were unsuccessful.

Then the Mayor of the Dambulla Municipal Council came and inquired and the monk was taken to the Municipal Council to contact a person from the Presidential Secretariat.

He then said that he had the opportunity to speak to a secretary on the phone at the Municipal Council and later took him to the police to obtain a statement.

However, the monk said that he would not be arrested by the police and that a statement had been recorded.

His request was, ‘If the country closes, if shops are opened, if money is traded, there is no point in closing the country like this and because it’s better to open it. Or the country should close well. Or open the whole country without lying. ‘