What is inside the white bags people carrying from the burning ship? – People who collected shipwreck will be charged under quarantine rules

Those who gathered to beaches for collecting shipwreck from burning ship near Colombo harbour will be charged under breaking quarantine rules, police Media spokesman said

The government had warned the public not to touch them due to their chemical content.

But despite that, many people ignored the quarantine rules and gathered on to beaches to collect shipwreck.

The big white bag fell into the sea from the ship Express Pearl and was washed ashore in Negombo and media shows people carrying those bags home.

These include polythene cubes that used to make plastic bags, water bottles, shop ng bags, and electrical cable insulation and so on.

Low-Density Polyethylene (Low-Density Polythene), as well as Medium Density / High-Density Polyethylene cubes, are packed in this type of bag.

These polythene cubes are flammable and can melt even in high sunlight. Also, these “raw polythene cubes” are harmful to human skin.

Because of that, these are re-melted under standard conditions to make the things mentioned earlier.

This polythene cube manufactured by Muntajat Company in Qatar is packed in 25 kg bags. A 25-kilo bag of these cubes costs about 30 US dollars.