Today is Vesak full moon poya day

Today is the Vesak full moon poya day festival which commemorates three special days of Sambuddha.

The Bodhisattvas, become Buddha, were born at the Lumbini Sal Garden in Dambadiva on the full moon day of Vesak.

After seeing the four omens, Siddhartha Bodhisattva left the secular house and meditated in the shadow of the great tree of the Buddha Gaya to rescue all beings from the sorrows of life.

There he destroyed all four Noble Truths and attained enlightenment on a great Vesak full moon day like today

The Buddha preached his last words of the Buddha and set foot on the Pirinivan relics of the Anupadisesha Parinibbana at the Sal Uyana of the Malla kings in Kusinara and attained parinirwana on Vesak full moon poya day.