Why boys hate BTS V? – You vs. People Your Age(Guest Article)

Why boys hate BTS V? – You vs. People Your Age

Why boys hate BTS V?Kim Tae-Hyung was also known by his stage name “V”, the South Korean singer member of the world-famous boy band BTS member face a big controversy after wearing a Buddha mask a few years before. Recently this was a booming topic among Sri Lankan’s after many Sri Lankan tubers address the issue with the video in which “v” is mimicking the Buddha’s gestures and even wearing heart-shaped glasses on the mask. Many people saw this as a cultural appropriation and talking about him not being apologetic about the incident.

Many assume that this topic resurfaced in the Sri Lankan society after the county’s one of the main private television channel “Derana tv” telecast the dubbed version of “Hwrang, The Poet, Warrior youth” drama this year. The drama was advertised on the channel highlighting the fact of Kim Tae-Hyung acting in it. Many accused “v” of not being apologetic for showing disrespect to religion. This is not the first time BTS members got into controversies for disrespecting cultures and religions and none of them apologized about them publicly because the Army helps them to take down many faults showing videos from the internet.

As BTS had its Army all around the word Sri Lankan Kpop fan groups were together to defend their favourite Kpop group member. The army is even able to take down one of the major Sri Lankan YouTube channel “Talk with Heshitha” after posting a hatred video about “v” wearing the mask. However, the channel was recovered again and it publicly accused some of Army members by sharing voice records of phone calls they made for defending “v” and made their identity public by posting the images on the channel.

But many BTS fans questioned you tubers why they took so long to address the issue because it happened few years before and they accused YouTube channels of using Kim Tae-Hyung s name for the sake of their publicity and using the topic because of the lack of creativity and new contents.

Bts V Wears Buddha Mask(Insulting Buddha)

Many fans say even Sri Lankan’s and many others take this action as offensive and disrespectful to their religion many countries in East Asia wear different masks for different theoretical and religious occasions. “Gyno masks” were used on religious occasions and people wear them for celebrations.

They share even some countries who follow Theravada Buddhism taking this action offensive wearing a “Gydo mask” is not that offensive for the Koran culture as it is normal action in Mahayana Buddhism Also, they explained that the incident happened in a fan sign event and it is normal idols to wear the little gifts they received from the fans and act according to their fan requested to make them happy. So, they request the people hating the incident to look into the incident deep down and understand the cultural differences.

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Despite all the hate, he received Kim Tae-Hyung able to enter his name into the list of “You vs. People Your Age”. He is the first Korean who entered his name into the list. This list is consisting names of popular personalities like Barak Obama and Taylor swift that succeed in their life with different aspects.

Not only the controversies he involved, but many other reasons also make men’s around the world hate him. The most common thing is the “Army” in other words the fan base behind him. Most of the fans are women who attracted to his songs, dances and even for his cute appearance. So, it is normal for men to feel jealous about the attraction he gets from women.

Some of them are simply don’t like their songs and music but some hate his feminine appearance as many countries consider male beauty with muscularity. But, a huge female fan base surrounds him has proven that this does not apply to women anymore. Many criticized men’s this judgment as many genetics and behavioural tests history has already proven that females are more attracted to the feminine side of males during the human evolution. So men have to reconsider their idea.

Many south Asian countries like Sri Lanka have yet not accepted the LGBT community and most of the men in these countries have a bad image of the gay community. However, some LGBT community haters around the world assume him as gay and hate him simply predicting his sexuality. But “v” has strongly rejected the idea of dating each other within the community in an Ellen show.

Also, all the people who know about “v” better know that he’s different from other members of the team and his outgoing different behaviour take many fans as cute. So, some men take his behaviour as offensive. Fans are waiting for the news whether he s going to his mandatory military service and what will happen to his career during the mandatory military service.

But despite all the hates and love from the entire world, Kim Tae-Hyung will continue to shine in his industry.