Scientific research revealed raw coconut oil has the ability to reduce complications from the virus

Dr Piyal Ariyananda, a renowned chemist in Sri Lanka, has revealed that the use of fresh unheated coconut oil in the diet of people infected with covid-19 can alleviate the corona symptoms of those patients and thereby prevent them from falling into emergency treatment.

He points out that about 50% of coconut oil contains lauric acid, which can dissolve the outer shell of viruses with the monolater chemical that forms after it is digested.

“This is a scientific experiment. For this 58 persons infected with covid-19 have been tested. They have been given fresh coconut oil for 28 days. The 28 covid-19 patients who added fresh coconut oil to their diet did not have difficulty breathing. The cough did not increase. Healthy traits have been shown.”

He had revealed these while joined to an interview with a youtube channel.