Covid Infected Pregnant Mother Dies: Caesarean section saves baby’s life

A pregnant woman infected with Covid has died due to complications after giving birth to a child at Kurunegala hospital, yesterday (May 14).

A 28 year old pregnant woman living in the Kobeigane area had died after giving birth to her child and she was first and admitted to the Nikaweratiya Hospital for delivery later transferred to the Kurunegala Hospital; The Deputy Director of the hospital Dr Chandana Kendagamuwa stated.

A PCR examination at the hospital revealed that she was infected with corona and had a caesarean section for childbirth as she was also suffering from epilepsy but mother died due to complications caused by the exacerbation of epilepsy and doctors were able to save the baby.

The baby is currently receiving treatment at the neonatal unit in a healthy condition, Deputy Director of the Kurunegala Hospital, Dr Chandana Kendagamuwa said.