Now Sri Lanka reporting the deaths of people who get infected one month ago recently infected peoples death numbers will be scary

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMC) has stated in a meeting with President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa that the country should immediately impose strict travel restrictions in the current situation.

Its chairperson, Dr Padma Gunaratne, said the virus, which is currently spreading in Sri Lanka, is rapidly spreading than the previous strains spread in the country and that once an infected person is identified, he can infect many others easily.

The number of infections and deaths reported today was from those who infected with the virus a month ago and the number of people infected and dying due to infections today would be known in another month.they added.

The number of deaths would be much higher no matter how fast the vaccine is given, it will take at least another three months for it to fully develop immunity and vaccination will not solve the basic problem immediately they said.

The association pointed out the president that it was essential to impose very strict travel restrictions in the current situation.

They stated these at a media briefing held in Colombo.