New Covid-19 Guidelines Issued

Sri Lanka’s Director General of Health Services on Saturday (01) issued a series of guidelines to control the spread of COVID-19 with effect from the 01st of May 2021.

The instructions are as follows:

01. Conference / Seminars / Meetings / Brand Luncheons are not allowed until 21st May 2021. The decision will be reviewed based on the COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka.

02. Super Markets, Shopping Malls, Financial Institutions, Textile Stores, retail outlets can operate only with 25% customer capacity present at any given time.

03. Events and public gatherings held at closed and open venues prohibited until further notice

04. The gathering of people in religious places should be suspended.

05. Cinemas and Theaters, Kids Playgrounds, Swimming Pools, Pubs and Bars, Casinos and Nightclubs, betting centers and spas will remain closed until further notice.

06. Accommodation in Hotels, Inns & Guest Houses etc. can only operate with 50% of the total capacity and should not be in operation after 10.00 pm.

07. Carnival, musical shows, beach parties / festivals are not allowed.

08. Open-stalls, Fairs and Bakeries should be operate with 25% of the customer capacity present at any given time.

09. Courts – Up to 25% of the total capacity is open to the public.

10. NO visitation for Prison inmates

11. Schools, Preschools, Universities and Higher Educational Institutions, Tuition Classes Closed until notified.

12. NO permission for Weddings from May 04 to May 20, 2021.