Rapidly spreading COVID 19 variety was becoming infected in Sri Lanka – Health Promotion Bureau issued a maximum risk notice

There is a increasing tendency for the COVID 19 virus to spread among the youth in Sri Lanka; Minister of State Channa Jayasumana

He said it was doubtful whether the rapidly spreading COVID 19 variety was becoming infected in the country and investigations are being carried out in this regard and the results will be available soon.

He further added that the number of people with admitted to the intensive care unit has increased significantly with this situation.

Meanwhile, the Health Promotion Bureau has issued a high risk statement stating that an unprecedented variety has been reported in Sri Lanka and people should be aware about the growing situation.

The statement issued by the unit is as follows.

COVID-19 Warning!

With the increase in the prevalence of coronavirus infection in Sri Lanka, there has been a rapid increase in the number of patients admitted to the intensive care units. In addition, an unprecedented variant of the corona virus has been reported in Sri Lanka in the last few days. While the scientific data review and information study on this is already underway, we as a public should all be on the lookout for this evolving situation.

We have all seen in the past that the spread of disease can be controlled very quickly by following preventive advice. The gradual decline in compliance with these health guidelines over the past festive season has undoubtedly led to the creation of this new vulnerability.

It would be timely to reiterate our responsibility for disease prevention as a society to avoid resorting to austerity measures such as the imposition of stricter laws and restrictions on travel.
These preventative measures include keeping hands clean, wearing masks, keeping people away, avoiding crowded places, and avoiding crowded places if you have symptoms such as coughs, sore throats, or colds.
Properly adhering to the health guidelines will enable everyone to enjoy some form of freedom over the past few months, and it will not be difficult for us to adhere to those guidelines again as we have previously implemented prophylactic measures ourselves.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health urges you to do your utmost to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease again throughout the country by following the health guidelines perfectly throughout the coming period, minimizing unwanted travel, and acting in a way that protects others if they have symptoms.