India is running out of Covid-19 vaccines; The world’s biggest vaccine producer- second wave accelerates with a COVID Tsunami

India typically produces more than 60% of all vaccines sold globally but it is reported that millions of people are waiting to receive Covid-19 vaccines to face second wave of infections.

Ealier the country signed on the global vaccine-sharing initiative program to provide discounted or free doses for lower-income countries. So they announced SII (The Serum Institute of India ) would manufacture up to 200 million doses for up to 92 countries under the initial agreement.

But the situation in India is different than few months ago as Its second wave began in March and the country reported 217,353 new cases as its highest single-day figure so far on Friday.

But vacccine supplies have strucked and struggling to provide vaccine on time, while at least five states reporting severe shortages of vaccine.

To face this crisis the government and SII have decided to supplyvaccines to prioritizing their own citizens in the country
“Deliveries of doses from the Serum Institute of India will be delayed in March and April,” said COVAX, which is run by a coalition including international vaccine organization Gavi and the World Health Organization, in a news release on March 25. “Delays in securing supplies of SII-produced Covid-19 vaccine doses are due to the increased demand for Covid-19 vaccines in India.”CNN