We were incredibly helpless during the Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant; The organizers lied to us – The final 20 contestants of Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020

There is ambiguity regarding the rules of the competition that were initially presented; final 20 contestants at the Mrs Sri Lanka 2020 Beauty Contest stated. They said these while addressing a press conference.

The contestants stated that” there were two rounds of the competition where in the first round the contestants were informed that the contestants had to be married and that the marriage certificate and the husband had to appear as a witness, but in the second round the organizers did not pay any attention to the above mentioned terms and conditions”.

The contestants also mentioned that it was doubtful that the ‘Best Supportive Husband’ mini pageant which was held in previous years wasn’t held this year’s Mrs Sri lanka pageant and there was a suspicion that it was a special treatment for one contestant