Rs. 5000 relief new year allowance will distributed from today

The Rs. 5,000 allowance for low income families will distribute from today (April 12); Minister of State Shehan Semasinghe stated.

Families and are eligible to receive benefits are categorized in to seven. They are included;

  1. Samurdhi recipient families
  2. Families identified as low income earners
  3. Families with Elder Allowance
  4. Families with Disability Allowance
  5. Families of persons receiving allowances due to kidney disease
  6. Families with persons receiving the Century Full Elder Allowance
  7. families who have submitted appeals under the above 06 categories and approved before

Minister of State Shehan Semasinghe said that all Samurdhi officers will be given the allowance from today and said that the allowance will be given to nearly 3 million families.