30 blood clotting cases reported in Britain after AstraZeneca vaccination.

There have been reported 30 cases of blood clots in Britain since the vaccination of AstraZeneca, British health officials states.

About 11 million people had received the vaccine since March 18 and 30 blood clotting incidents risen to 30 by April 1.

Britain pharmaceutical and healthcare regulatory agency states , that there have been no reports of blood clotting incidents with vaccines by Pfizer-Bio-Entech.

Health officials says, however the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines to the public outweigh the limited risk of blood clots.

Some European countries suspended the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine due to the reports of minor allergies, including blood clots last month.

But About a week later, European drug regulators concluded that the vaccine was safe and effective. So some European countries resumed vaccination resolving a controversial disputes.