Runway dining: Japan’s biggest airline is offering first-class dining on a parked plane for $540

After starting the corona virus pandemic most of the Airlines had faced big troubles with the traveling restrictions. Because they had to keep their flights on the ground.

So a number of airlines have been thinking creatively about what to do with grounded planes during the pandemic.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) japan started offering the food service in a Boeing 777 parked at Haneda Airport in Tokyo yesterday (March 31)and going added more opportunities for April after they sold out quickly.
A first-class seat costs 59,800 yen and also there is a cheaper business-class experience for 29,800 yen.

The “restaurant with wings” idea was conceived by employees who wanted to make better use of its parked aircraft.(BBC)

Singapore airline also had done the same thing in octomber last year using Airbus A380.