Best April Fools Day Pranks in the History – #AprilFoolsDay

Best April Fools Day Pranks in the History – #April Fools Day

April Fools’ Day is celebrated on April 1 each year. It has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures in different countries. But its exact origins remain a mystery.

Traditionally people are playing practical jokes on others and then yell ” April Fools!” at the end. But in history, there is some major “April day fool” jokes as some were broadcasted through mass media.
For example ;
Pasta grows on a tree
BBC TV show “Panorama” ran a segment about the “Swiss spaghetti harvest” on April 1, 1957. This show showed that people are harvesting spaghetti from trees. This story was ranked the No. 1 April Fools’ hoax of all time by the Museum of Hoaxes website.