India’s protesting farmers ; Sees no sign of end

The indias biggest protests begun in November sparks after government introduced three new laws to the farmers. Even though several rounds of talks happened between the farmers and government nothing seems to be resolved.

Around tens of thousands of farmers have been camping out on highways on the outskirts of Delhi protesting since November.

” Government is not listening to us, government is so stubborn” , Farmers said. They also explained “those farmers under 10 acres,they ll die”. The tension has increasing over the months as fight between goverment and the farmers they explained this as the fight between future and past farming methods. And also this has become the biggest challenge faced by the indian prime minister Narendra Modhi.

This begun to opposition to three new laws started last year;
1 . Giving farmers freedom of choice to sell anyone in anywhere in India

  1. Making laws how farmers draw up contracts with businesses
  2. Allows privert businesses to stock basic products

Now farmers sell their products through local government regulated markets they guarantee the minimum price with that process. Even under the new law these wholesale markets would be excist but farmers can sell their products directly to big businesses.

But farmers assures that when the companies involved the price guarantee will ve disappeared.

Second law explained how to coporate with the big business like setting a price for the crops before they are planted.

Farmers fear with the third law as the privert companies has ability to store they can buy bulk from the crops and this will affect the price badly.

But former government economic adviser Arvind Virmani says that this is all about giving freedom to farmers.