Coconut oil price will be increase during the festival season ; The All Ceylon Traditional Coconut Oil Producers Association

The price of the coconut oil will be increase in upcoming festive season, The All Ceylon Traditional Coconut oil Producers Association said.

The reports of realeasing of the carcinogenic coconut oil to the market is the reason behind the price increasing. Also they warned about a shortage of coconut oil in the market during the festive season.

Food Safety Unit of the Ministry of Health recomonded to reexport the imported 13 coconut oil containers which was said to be contain carcinogenic alfatoxin.

Warehouses of the three companies were sealed by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) until the coconut oil stock is reexported. This action was taken to assure the public that stock was not released to the market. Apart from that CAA collect random samples across the country to find whether the carcinogenic coconut oil has released to the market before.

Because of this situation releasing imported coconut oil to the market also effected as the countries daily consumption requirements around 300 – 350 metric tons price will be increased.