Sri lanka ranks 129 out of 149 countries in World Happiness Report

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the World Happiness Report 2021 on Friday (March 19). It has ranked Sri Lanka in 129 out of 149 countries.

Finland was ranked as the happiest country and Afghanistan the least happiest country out of all the countries list.

The survey was done using three indicators: life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions. In the questionire people were asked “Please imagine a ladder, with steps numbered from 0 at the bottom to 10 at the top,” and also it explained “The top of the ladder represents the best possible life for you and the bottom of the ladder represents the worst possible life for you. On which step of the ladder would you say you personally feel you stand at this time?”

Among neighbouring countries, India is at 139th Bangladesh 101st,Pakistan ranked 105th and China is 84th with other countries listed.