Brother assaulted 7 years old boy to dead in Kllinochchi

A 7 years old boy has died after assaulted by his 17 years old elder brother in Kilinochchi yesterday 28th February. It was reported that he was dead after he admitted to the Jaffna hospitle for further treatments.

According to the post mortem child had died by a blunt force trauma after being attacked with a blunt weapon.

The childs mother had kept the child at his uncle’s house and left to Batticaloa. Then the elder brother had accompanied the child to a constructional area outside the uncles resident. Later the child was found unconscious near the construction area and the elder brother was gone missing.

Then the child was admitted to the Kilinochchi hospitle and transfered to th Jaffna hospitle later for further treatment.

The Kilinochchi police is conducting further investigations on the case.