The truthtellers – chineese people revealing the what chaina is hiding about the covid 19 outbreak

Since the Covid 19 corona outbreak stated in china the Chinese government has published its own version of the story to local and international audience. But tanking to the “Truth tellers” whole world is now aware that truth can be different from what they are showing to the world.
It is well-known that Chinas internet system is heavily controlled by the government. The 404 censoring message is very often in china as government is censoring most of the sites under their authority also users can’t use most of the foreign internet sites without a VPN. But the internet users always find new ways to get away from the evade of censors. Terminus 2049 is a platform that can use as a creative method without the keywords that china government censors search for.
All these started with the disappearance of the Chen Mei. According to the article on CNN Chen Mie’s brother Chen Kun received a call from Chen Mie’s boss. Immediately Chen Kun realized that something bad had happened to his brother. Because he was sharing some sensitive articles about the covid19 outbreak in past few days. Some were censored by the government later. All of these happened 10 months ago and when Chen Mie’s coworker reported about Chen Meis disappearance to the police they states that he had taken for investigation. Since then Chen Mei has not seen any of his family members or by his friends.
Chen Mei is just one person that government of china tried to make silence for share ring the truth. Some of them were doctors’ journalist and others are local citizens. These truth tellers revealed that how slow the government shared the information about the deadly virus outbreak and some tried to warn about this deadly virus before the government. Also some reported about hospitals with bodies piled outside.
But many of them had to pay heavy price for their work. Some of them were missing detained and even one person died as he tried out to bring the reality to light.